New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention
January 16-19, 2015

Arisia 2015 Schedule, by Track

Arisia 2015 Schedule, by Area

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Fri 4:00pm Aldnoah.Zero
Fri 5:30pm The Gundam Universe
Fri 9:00pm Cross Ange
Fri 10:00pm Edge of Tomorrow and the World of Japanese SF
Sat 1:15am Samurai Flamenco
Sat 8:30am Best Manga Series That Don’t Have an Anime
Sat 9:45am Sword Art Online II
Sat 10:00am The Early Days of Gainax
Sat 11:30am Anime/Manga: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That
Sat 1:00pm Anime Cons: Behind the Scenes
Sat 1:00pm Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Sat 2:30pm Lost in Translation
Sat 4:00pm 30 Years of Studio Ghibli
Sat 5:30pm Anime vs. Western Animation
Sat 7:15pm Akame ga Kill!
Sun 4:45am Noragami
Sun 9:45am Psycho-Pass 2
Sun 10:00am Clamp: The Good, The Bad, and The Strange
Sun 11:30am Ultraman, Power Rangers & the World of Tokusatsu
Sun 12:00pm Space Boy Soran
Sun 1:00pm Vertical Press and “Alternative Manga”
Sun 2:00pm Argevollen
Sun 2:30pm Anime 101: My Kid is Watching What?
Sun 5:30pm Super Robot Anime
Sun 7:00pm If You Like X, You May Like Y (Anime)
Sun 8:30pm Space Dandy: A Dandy Panel, Baby
Sun 10:00pm The Best and Worse of Hentai
Mon 12:00am Gonna Be The Twintail!
Mon 5:00am Terra Formars
Mon 10:00am Anime and Their Remakes
Mon 10:15am World Trigger
Mon 11:30am Magical Girls: Sugar, Spice, and Kickin’ Butt
Mon 1:00pm Anime Out into the Wider World


Fri 4:45pm Them
Fri 6:18pm The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Ep 1
Fri 6:51pm Howl’s Moving Castle
Fri 8:55pm Serenity
Fri 10:40pm MythBusters—Exploding Water Heater
Fri 11:15pm Spirited Away
Sat 12:40am Terry Pratchett’s The Color of Magic 1
Sat 2:22am Terry Pratchett’s The Color of Magic 2
Sat 4:00am Serenity
Sat 6:00am The Pilot Episode Sanction
Sat 7:00am Classic Cartoons
Sat 9:00am Men in Black
Sat 10:40am Final Fantasy
Sat 12:26pm Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather
Sat 3:38pm A Night at the Opera
Sat 5:20pm Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Sat 7:25pm The Princess Bride
Sat 9:30pm PMRP on TV
Sat 10:40pm Blackadder Back & Forth
Sat 11:15pm Young Frankenstein
Sun 1:15am Predestination
Sun 3:00am The Accidental Occidental Conception
Sun 3:45am The Sino-Mexican Revelation
Sun 5:30am Yellow Submarine
Sun 7:00am Classic Cartoons
Sun 9:00am How to Train Your Dragon
Sun 10:40am The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Ep 2
Sun 11:11am The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Ep 3
Sun 11:44am The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Ep 4
Sun 12:17pm The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Ep 5
Sun 1:00pm Galaxy Quest
Sun 2:40pm Edward Scissorhands
Sun 4:25pm The Train Job
Sun 6:10pm The Producers
Sun 8:00pm Masquerade
Sun 11:00pm Once More With Feeling
Sun 11:50pm The Manicoid Teleportation Conundrum
Mon 12:34am The Flying Fish Zombification
Mon 1:16am The Boy-Band Superfan Interrogation
Mon 2:00am Masquerade (rerun)
Mon 5:00am Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Mon 7:00am Classic Cartoons
Mon 9:00am Arsenic & Old Lace
Mon 10:45am Out of Gas
Mon 11:30am The Message
Mon 12:15pm Going Postal

Art & Maker

Fri 7:00pm Makers and Burners: Burning Man Calling
Fri 7:00pm Chainmail Show & Tell
Fri 8:30pm Chainmail 101: European 4 in 1 Weave
Fri 10:00pm Circuit Bending
Fri 10:00pm Getting Started with Cheap CNC
Fri 11:30pm Teasecraft Kinky Maker Meetup: Fun with Silicone
Sat 10:00am Materials Safety for the Artist
Sat 11:30am The Future of Art Education
Sat 1:00pm Making Makers Make
Sat 1:00pm Art Show Docent Tour: How Framing Changes Art
Sat 2:30pm Handling Your Online Image As an Artist
Sat 4:00pm Tactile Tour of the Art Show
Sat 4:00pm Foodcraft: How Science Can Reinvent Your Kitchen
Sat 4:55pm Tim’s Vermeer
Sat 5:30pm Designing Things That Don’t Exist
Sat 5:30pm Safe Making
Sat 7:00pm Make a Renfair Rosette
Sat 8:30pm Photographing Costumes and Conventions
Sat 8:30pm Docent Tour of the Art Show
Sat 10:00pm Can’t Trust Your Own Eyes: Photos and Photoshop
Sat 10:00pm Crafting Spirits: Home Brewing and Distilling
Sat 10:00pm Soldering 101
Sat 11:30pm Make a Scale Flower
Sun 8:30am Chainmail For Breakfast
Sun 10:00am Building Your Workshop: Must-Have Maker Tools
Sun 11:30am Arduino For Beginners
Sun 4:00pm Guest of Honor Tour of the Art Show
Sun 5:30pm Chainmail 102: Byzantine Weave
Sun 7:00pm Miniatures and Modeling for Gamers and Fans
Sun 8:30pm Art and Copyright
Sun 8:30pm Make a Scale Flower
Mon 1:00pm Chainmail 101: European 4 in 1 Weave
Mon 2:30pm Yarn Bombing!


Fri 5:30pm Comics Metallurgy: From Gold to Bronze and More
Fri 7:00pm There Came a Day Unlike Any Other...
Fri 8:30pm Comic Book Movies: The Gateway Drug
Fri 10:00pm Grant Morrison: Comic Book Supergod
Sat 10:00am Comics for Everyone from Nine to Ninety Nine
Sat 11:30am The New Big Three: Image, Dark Horse, and IDW
Sat 4:00pm The Timeliness of Marvel Comics
Sat 5:30pm Building a Better Comic Shop
Sat 7:00pm Teen Heroes, Unite!
Sat 7:00pm Behind the Bristol Board: Comics as a Profession
Sun 10:00am The Year in Webcomics
Sun 11:30am Superman and Religion
Sun 4:00pm How to Not Be Awful: The Ecology of Comic Fandom
Sun 5:30pm Diversity in Comics and the Readership
Sun 7:00pm Wonder Women: The Great Heroines of Comics!
Sun 8:30pm No Capes! Non-Superhero Comics
Mon 11:30am I Give Up! Knowing When to Walk Away


Fri 5:30pm Otherkin and Therians
Fri 7:00pm Psi, SF, and Storytelling
Fri 8:30pm Addressing Sexual Harassment in Our Communities
Fri 8:30pm Transgender Fen: The Next Generation
Fri 10:00pm BDSM 101: A Beginner’s Guide
Fri 10:00pm Paganism 101
Fri 11:30pm Getting Started in the Public BDSM Scene
Sat 8:30am Saturday Morning Prayer
Sat 1:00pm Poly 101: An Introduction
Sat 2:30pm Coming Out
Sat 4:00pm Transgender Fen
Sat 7:00pm Poly 301: When the Sh*t Hits the Fan
Sat 8:30pm Shame on Slut-Shaming
Sat 8:30pm Race and Identity Issues in SF
Sat 8:30pm Relationships 101
Sat 10:00pm BDSM 201: The Next Steps
Sat 10:00pm Blurring The Lines: Paganism and Popular Culture
Sat 11:30pm Fun With Rope
Sun 8:30am Sunday Morning Prayer
Sun 1:00pm Building a Poly Home
Sun 2:30pm Flirt Like a Pro
Sun 7:00pm Asexuality 101
Sun 8:30pm Diversity and Inclusion
Sun 8:30pm Navigating Non-Monogamy
Sun 10:00pm Magickal Traditions: A Review
Sun 10:00pm Introduction to Power Exchange
Sun 11:30pm Negotiation and BDSM
Mon 10:00am Poly Parenting
Mon 11:30am Fandom and Disability—Best Practices
Mon 1:00pm Alternative Activism
Mon 2:30pm The Autism Community

Con Tech

Fri 5:30pm Learn/Assist With Shooting a Live TV Show


Fri 7:00pm Introduction to Arisia
Fri 8:30pm Guided Tour of Arisia
Sat 10:00am Guided Tour of Arisia
Sat 11:30am Convention Feedback
Sun 2:30pm Arisia Corporate Meeting
Mon 2:30pm Convention Feedback
Mon 7:00pm Dead Dog Party


Fri 5:30pm Buying Off the Rack
Fri 7:00pm Masquerade Basics
Fri 8:30pm Costuming to Body Type
Sat 10:00am Recreations, with a Twist
Sat 11:30am Cross-Cultural Costuming
Sat 1:00pm Practical Considerations for Costumers
Sat 2:30pm Costume Foundations
Sat 4:00pm Gender-Variant Cosplay
Sat 5:30pm Using, Making, and Modifying Sewing Patterns
Sat 7:00pm Men’s Costuming Challenges
Sat 8:30pm Judging and Being Judged in Costume Contests
Sat 10:00pm Stage Presentation: A Minute or Less to Impress
Sun 10:00am Costuming Without Breaking the Bank
Sun 11:30am Northern Lights Costumers’ Guild Meet-up
Sun 11:30am Military Influence on Costuming
Sun 1:00pm Hot Topics in Cosplay
Sun 2:30pm How Fabric Works
Mon 11:30am Masquerade Show and Tell
Mon 1:00pm Learn from my Fail: Costume Horror Stories
Mon 2:30pm Historical Costuming


Fri 5:30pm Kahler/Calkins Handfasting
Fri 6:00pm Mrs. Hawking: A Steampunk Play by Phoebe Roberts
Fri 7:00pm Lost Pig Performance
Sat 12:00am Rocky Horror—Up Close and In Your Face
Sat 8:30am Gentle Yoga
Sat 10:00am Walk the Labyrinth
Sat 11:00am Massachusetts Bay Colony 1630 Pike & Shot Drill
Sat 12:00pm A Roman Legion: Legio III Cyrenaica
Sat 1:00pm The Cutting Truth of the Sword
Sat 9:30pm PMRP Presents Gender-Swapped Space Seed
Sun 8:30am Gentle Yoga
Sun 10:00am Walk the Labryinth
Sun 11:00am Intro to Juggling
Sun 12:00pm Open Juggling
Sun 2:00pm Salem Zouaves: Civil War Swords & Sabers
Sun 2:30pm Salem Zouaves: Civil War Musket & Bayonet Drill
Sun 9:30pm NERF Gun War: Young at Heart

Fan Interest

Fri 5:30pm Backstage Tour: Arisia Films
Fri 7:00pm Avoiding Con Crash
Fri 8:30pm WW II in SF/F
Fri 8:30pm Everything in A Game of Thrones is Wrong
Fri 10:00pm Cataloging
Fri 10:00pm Home Movies from Worldcon
Sat 8:30am Plan Your Con Mornings
Sat 10:00am Housekeeping for Nerds
Sat 10:00am Wand Dueling Workshop with HP-NYC
Sat 11:30am Paneling 101: A Primer
Sat 11:30am Belly Dance Class
Sat 1:00pm Atheist Fen
Sat 1:00pm What Censorship Is and Isn’t
Sat 1:30pm En Garde! SCA Rapier Fencing Demo
Sat 2:30pm Religious and Philosophical Beliefs
Sat 2:30pm How to Disagree Better
Sat 4:00pm Bicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles
Sat 5:30pm What Makes a Good Panel
Sat 5:30pm A Gaslight Grand Assault of Arms
Sat 7:00pm Fan Etiquette: How Not to Be That Fan
Sat 7:00pm Panel in the Pool
Sat 8:30pm Taverns, Bars and Saloons
Sat 10:00pm Fortune Telling Methods
Sat 10:00pm Convention Running Tips
Sat 11:30pm Eye of Argon
Sun 8:30am Practical Self-Defense
Sun 10:00am Lightning Talks
Sun 11:30am Belly Dance Class
Sun 1:00pm Disaster Preparedness for Fans
Sun 1:30pm Wand Dueling Workshop with HP-NYC
Sun 2:30pm Queering Up Canon
Sun 3:00pm Highland Charge!
Sun 4:00pm Fan Speak: The Language of Fandom
Sun 5:00pm The Martial Arts of A Game of Thrones
Sun 5:30pm Fandom Etiquette
Sun 5:30pm Improv Theater Workshop
Sun 7:00pm Lawyers in SF/F
Sun 8:30pm The Nature of Gender: Past, Present and Future
Mon 1:00pm Corsets, Clockwork, Colonialism: Perspective
Mon 2:30pm Beyond the Stereotypes

Fast Track

Fri 5:30pm Open Play Time
Sat 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Sat 9:00am Make Your Own Wings
Sat 10:00am Learn to Knit
Sat 10:00am Short Story Contest
Sat 10:00am Princesses & Princes Playdate
Sat 1:00pm An Introduction to Magic: The Gathering
Sat 1:00pm Open Discussion Group: Books
Sat 1:00pm Duct Tape Roses
Sat 1:00pm Kamikaze Costuming
Sat 1:00pm Swords of Chivalry 1
Sat 2:30pm Spoon-A-Pults
Sat 2:30pm The Hobbit, Session 1
Sat 2:30pm Magic Show
Sat 4:00pm Fun With Card Games
Sat 4:00pm Papercraft Workshop
Sat 4:00pm Dern Grim Bedtime Tales & Other Stories
Sun 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Sun 10:00am Face Painting
Sun 10:00am Quilting Basics
Sun 10:00am Mister Penny
Sun 10:00am Let’s Play Quidditch
Sun 10:00am Science Experiments
Sun 1:00pm Collectible Card Games
Sun 1:00pm Kids Crafts with Maker Parents
Sun 1:00pm Open Discussion Group: TV
Sun 1:00pm The Hobbit, Session 2
Sun 1:00pm Kamikaze Costuming: Props & Accessories
Sun 1:00pm I’ve Got All the Balls in the Air, Now What?
Sun 1:00pm Children’s Filk Concert
Sun 1:00pm Swords of Chivalry 2
Sun 2:30pm Open Discussion Group: Movies
Sun 2:30pm Little Homes
Sun 3:00pm Improv Theater Games For Kids
Sun 3:00pm Balloon Cars
Sun 4:00pm Beyond Hogwarts: A Young Fan’s Reading List
Sun 4:00pm Fun with Legos
Sun 6:00pm NERF Gun War
Mon 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Mon 10:00am What Do You Mean, 10 and Up?
Mon 10:00am Open Discussion: The One and Only Harry Potter
Mon 10:00am Classic Playground Games
Mon 10:00am Angry Birds
Mon 11:30am Learn to Crochet
Mon 11:30am Swords of Chivalry 3

Film and Video

Fri 4:00pm Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Fri 4:00pm Satellite in the Sky
Fri 5:30pm Radio Free Albemuth
Fri 6:30pm The Lottery
Fri 7:00pm The UFO Experience
Fri 7:20pm Weekend Previews
Fri 8:00pm They Live!
Fri 8:00pm Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier
Fri 10:15pm Silent Movie: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Fri 10:20pm Joss Whedon’s In Your Eyes
Sat 12:05am Kiss of the Damned
Sat 1:45am Forbidden Zone
Sat 3:00am Thale
Sat 4:15am Europa Report
Sat 5:45am Owls’ Castle
Sat 8:05am Bringing Up Baby
Sat 9:00am Matango: The Fungus of Terror
Sat 10:30am Dr. Who and the Daleks
Sat 11:30am The Creation of the Humanoids
Sat 12:30pm Space Is the Place
Sat 1:00pm Gatchaman
Sat 2:15pm The World’s End
Sat 3:00pm Beauty & The Beast
Sat 4:30pm My Favorite Martian: Man from Uncle Martin
Sat 5:00pm Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Second Showing)
Sat 6:15pm Dimensions
Sat 6:30pm The Veldt
Sat 7:00pm The Skin I Live In
Sat 8:00pm I Remember The Future
Sat 9:00pm Elysium
Sat 9:00pm Guardians of the Galaxy
Sat 11:00pm Extra Bad Movie: Serpent Island
Sat 11:00pm Lucy
Sun 12:30am Lady Battle Cop
Sun 1:55am Amanda & the Alien
Sun 3:30am Brazil
Sun 5:45am Harvey
Sun 7:25am My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
Sun 8:40am My Little Pony: Equestria Girls—Rainbow Rocks
Sun 9:00am Godzilla vs. the Cosmic Monster
Sun 10:00am Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer
Sun 12:20pm Agora
Sun 1:00pm The 21st Century
Sun 1:30pm Under the Atmosphere
Sun 2:00pm Repo Man
Sun 2:30pm I Remember The Future (Second Showing)
Sun 3:00pm This Week in Brit TV
Sun 4:00pm Outer Limits: Premonition
Sun 5:00pm Classic Trailer Park
Sun 6:30pm Elysium (Second Showing)
Sun 8:00pm The Fisher King
Sun 8:30pm The Skin I Live In (Second Showing)
Sun 10:20pm The Zero Theorem
Sun 11:00pm Dirty Movie: 2069 A Sex Odyssey
Mon 12:05am Les 1001 Nuits
Mon 1:40am Shock Treatment
Mon 3:10am Space Station 76
Mon 4:45am I Wake Up Yesterday
Mon 6:45am P-51 Dragon Fighter
Mon 8:10am Time Bandits
Mon 9:00am Audience Choice Film
Mon 10:00am Selected Shorts
Mon 11:00am Coming Attractions 2015–2019


Fri 5:30pm The Plight of the Older Gamer
Fri 7:00pm Failing with Style in Games
Fri 10:00pm Games and Minority Representation
Sat 10:00am Worldbuilding for Games
Sat 10:00am Gender and Gaming
Sat 11:30am Does the Real World Belong in Games?
Sat 11:30am Breathing Life into Your Player Character
Sat 1:00pm Game Design From First Principles
Sat 4:00pm DIY Digital: Homemade Video Games
Sat 5:30pm The Internet Hate Train: Moving Past Gamergate
Sun 10:00am Kickstarter, Patreon, and Games
Sun 11:30am LARPs Beyond Lightning Bolt
Sun 4:00pm Games as Interactive Literature
Sun 5:30pm Video Games as Art
Sun 7:00pm Video Gaming Year in Review
Mon 10:00am Running Great Games
Mon 11:30am Death in Gaming
Mon 1:00pm Cooperative Games

Gaming—Scheduled Games

Fri 5:00pm 7 Wonders
Fri 6:00pm Boss Monster
Fri 6:00pm Pathfinder Society
Fri 6:00pm Waking Dreams Games
Fri 6:00pm Reach For The Stars
Fri 6:00pm D&D Expeditions: 1–1 Defiance in Phlan
Fri 7:00pm LARP—Ex Arcana: Legacy of the Broken Tower
Fri 7:00pm Tetris vs Tournament
Fri 7:00pm Magic Draft
Fri 7:00pm The Unicorn’s Tears
Fri 7:30pm Cuckoo for Cthulhu
Fri 8:00pm Frag
Fri 8:00pm Dungeonton Abbey
Fri 9:00pm LARP—Nexus Elements (Part 1)
Sat 8:00am Waking Dreams Games
Sat 9:00am Pathfinder Society
Sat 9:00am MoonQuake Escape
Sat 9:00am Reach For The Stars
Sat 9:00am Star Hero: Noble Ideas
Sat 10:00am Stone Age
Sat 10:00am Ticket to Ride
Sat 10:30am Kingmaker
Sat 10:30am The Perilous Halls of Sorrow
Sat 11:30am LARP—Terosian Adventures
Sat 12:00pm Warring Kingdom
Sat 12:00pm Blackjack
Sat 1:00pm Super Smash Bros Wii U Tournament
Sat 1:00pm The Big Board Game Tournament
Sat 1:30pm Pathfinder Society
Sat 1:30pm Space 1889: Red Sands
Sat 1:30pm Gamma-Ray Burst Over Sweetwater Shores
Sat 2:00pm Firefly Board Game
Sat 3:00pm The Perilous Halls of Sorrow
Sat 4:00pm 3DS Street Pass meetup & Pokemon X/Y Tournament
Sat 4:00pm Star Wars X-Wing
Sat 4:30pm Cirque: Prison Break
Sat 6:00pm Suburbia
Sat 6:00pm Pathfinder Society
Sat 6:00pm Reach For The Stars
Sat 6:00pm Star Hero: Noble Ideas
Sat 6:00pm D&D Expeditions: 1–2 Secrets of Sokol Keep
Sat 7:00pm LARP—Vampire: The Masquerade
Sat 7:00pm Sonic 1 Speed Run Tournament
Sat 8:00pm Thurn & Taxis
Sat 8:00pm Faros LARP Adventure—Minds of Madness
Sat 9:00pm LARP—Nexus Elements (Part 2)
Sat 9:00pm The World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl
Sat 10:00pm DC Card Game
Sun 8:00am Waking Dreams Games
Sun 9:00am Pathfinder Society
Sun 10:00am Rails of New England
Sun 10:00am Stone Age
Sun 10:30am Relic Knights
Sun 10:30am Assassiner par les corbeaux
Sun 10:30am Cirque: Ice Follies of 1111
Sun 10:30am The Perilous Halls of Sorrow
Sun 10:30am Space 1889: Red Sands
Sun 12:00pm Reach For The Stars
Sun 1:00pm LARP—The Realms: The Mountain Citadel
Sun 1:00pm Mario Kart Wii U Tournament
Sun 1:00pm Power Grid
Sun 1:30pm Pathfinder Society
Sun 1:30pm Warring Kingdom
Sun 1:30pm How Many Clones Does It Take to Change a Bulb?
Sun 1:30pm Gamma-Ray Burst Over Sweetwater Shores
Sun 2:00pm Munchkin Tournament
Sun 3:00pm Cirque: Ferris Wheel
Sun 3:00pm The Perilous Halls of Sorrow
Sun 4:00pm 3DS meetup & Super Smash Bros Tournament
Sun 6:00pm Merchants of Venus
Sun 6:00pm Pathfinder Society
Sun 6:00pm Lords of Waterdeep
Sun 6:00pm Star Wars X-Wing Tournament
Sun 6:00pm D&D Expeditions: 1–3: Shadows over the Moonsea
Sun 7:00pm WWE 2K15 Extreme Rules Tournament XBOX One
Sun 7:00pm Star Wars: Sith Relics
Sun 7:30pm Fafnir’s Treasure
Mon 8:00am Waking Dreams Games
Mon 8:30am LARP—Nexus Elements (Part 3)
Mon 9:00am Pathfinder Society
Mon 10:00am Puerto Rico
Mon 10:00am Caverna: The Cave Farmers
Mon 10:00am The Unicorn’s Tears
Mon 11:00am Magic Draft
Mon 12:00pm Lords of Waterdeep

Guests of Honor

Sat 1:00pm The Art of Lee Moyer
Sat 4:00pm N.K. Jemisin Reading
Sun 11:30am Inspiration—Art History & Modern Masters
Sun 1:00pm N.K. Jemisin Reading and Q&A
Sun 1:00pm So You Want to Start a Convention?
Sun 2:30pm Portfolio Review with Lee Moyer
Sun 4:00pm Pitch Session with N.K. Jemisin
Mon 2:30pm The Infamous Bad Book Covers Panel


Fri 5:30pm You Know That’s Based on a Book, Right?
Fri 5:30pm The Supernatural Detective
Fri 7:00pm Brother Can You Spare a Shire? Class in SF&F
Fri 7:00pm The Map and the Story
Fri 8:30pm Tricksters of All Trades
Fri 10:00pm Speculative Fiction: The Year in Review
Sat 10:00am Erasure Is Not Equality
Sat 10:00am The Arisia Book Club: Reading the Hugos
Sat 11:30am World Fantasy Award: Behind Lovecraft’s Back
Sat 11:30am Neurodiversity in SF/F
Sat 1:00pm Unruly Places: When the Setting Does Not Behave
Sat 2:30pm The Girl’s a Monster
Sat 7:00pm Dialect in SF/F
Sat 8:30pm Focus: From Solo Narrative to Sprawling Empire
Sat 10:00pm Orgasmatron: The Erotic & Not So Erotic in SF/F
Sun 10:00am So You Think You Can Write a Fight?
Sun 10:00am Untold Tales: Fox Spirits and Golden Slippers
Sun 1:00pm Women Destroy Science Fiction
Sun 2:30pm The Almanac of Dead Guardians, Teachers, and Mothers
Sun 4:00pm Read All the Things!
Sun 4:00pm Saving the World vs. Changing the World
Sun 5:30pm Positive Representations of Women’s Sexuality
Sun 7:00pm Fear Is the Mind-Killer: Dune at Fifty
Sun 8:30pm Topical, Typical, and Trope-ical
Sun 10:00pm Does It Matter If SF Is Wrong About the Future?
Mon 10:00am The Gods of The Inheritance Trilogy
Mon 11:30am Non-Genre Books That Fans Love
Mon 1:00pm The Wonderful Panel of Oz


Fri 7:00pm State of the Muppets 2015
Fri 7:00pm The Legend of Korra
Fri 8:30pm Remembering Robin Williams
Fri 10:00pm Fairy Tales on Film and TV
Sat 10:00am Low-Fi Sci-Fi
Sat 11:30am Movie Year in Review
Sat 2:30pm The Twelfth Doctor: Everybody Panic/Rejoice
Sat 2:30pm Face Off: The Best Reality Show for Geeks
Sat 4:00pm True Detective
Sat 5:30pm DC Comics on the Small Screen: 2015 Edition
Sat 7:00pm Marvel Cinematic (and TV) Universe, 2015
Sat 8:30pm Person of Interest: Politically-Relevant SF TV
Sat 8:30pm Black Chick Watching
Sat 10:00pm Se7en and the Ragged Thriller
Sun 10:00am Damsels of Color
Sun 11:30am TV Year in Review
Sun 1:00pm The Quest: Behind the Scenes
Sun 2:30pm The Arisia Mega Fan-Casting Panel
Sun 4:00pm The Arisia Curmudgeon Panel
Sun 4:00pm Outlander: Scotland, Romance, and Time Travel
Sun 5:30pm Castle Above The Clouds: Gargoyles at 20
Sun 7:00pm Sleepy Hollow
Sun 8:30pm Beyond The Guild: Webseries Worth Watching
Sun 10:00pm A Game of Thrones: 2015 Edition
Mon 10:00am Free Kazoo: Freakazoid’s 20th Anniversary
Mon 11:30am The Hobbit: An Unexpectedly Long Journey
Mon 1:00pm Representations of Disability on the Screen


Fri 6:00pm The Wandering Cellist
Fri 7:30pm Contra Dance
Fri 8:30pm Bloody Songs
Fri 9:30pm Matthew Ebel, Piano Rocker
Fri 10:00pm Open Filk
Fri 10:00pm Drum and Dance at Arisia
Fri 10:00pm Techno Contra
Fri 10:30pm Psyche Corporation—Paranoid Spaceship Concert
Fri 11:30pm Filking into the Night
Sat 12:00am Club Dance
Sat 11:30am Singing in the Pool
Sat 11:30am Filk 101
Sat 1:00pm Rounds and Other Voice Braidings
Sat 2:30pm Rousing Chorus Songs
Sat 2:30pm Angry Ginger Love In Hell Concert
Sat 2:30pm SCA/Renaissance Dance
Sat 4:00pm Ballads of the Supernatural
Sat 4:30pm Sailor Moon-Inspired Concert
Sat 4:30pm Swing Dancing with Lessons
Sat 5:30pm Open Mic Concert
Sat 6:30pm Brighter Than A Thousand Suns Concert
Sat 7:00pm Funny Songs
Sat 7:30pm Fairy Tales Ball
Sat 8:30pm Open Singing
Sat 10:00pm Open Filk
Sat 11:30pm Filking into the Night
Sat 11:30pm Club Dance—Knowhere
Sun 11:30am Best of Filk
Sun 1:00pm The Strong Sound
Sun 1:00pm Psyche Corporation—Cyberpunk Fairytale Concert
Sun 2:30pm Chantey Sing
Sun 3:00pm Victorian Era Afternoon Dance
Sun 4:00pm Your Voice and How to Love It
Sun 5:30pm Doom, Gloom, and Despondency
Sun 7:00pm Bawdy Songs
Sun 8:30pm Open Filk
Sun 10:00pm Open Singing
Sun 11:30pm Tune and Song Jam
Mon 11:30am NESFA Hymnal Sing
Mon 1:00pm Dead Dog Open Filk


Fri 5:30pm Chu, Longyear, Shawl
Fri 11:30pm Erotica Reading: Tan, Wilkins, Williams
Sun 10:00am Cambias, Palmer, Sakers
Sun 11:30am Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading
Sun 1:00pm Altabef, Gladstone, Martin
Sun 2:30pm Hafer, Kimmel, Oshiro
Sun 4:00pm Poetry Reading: Daniels, Odasso, Taaffe
Sun 5:30pm Ivey, Roy, Silverman
Mon 11:30am Lipkin, Salaam, Vanderhooft
Mon 1:00pm Crooks, DeCandido, Schneyer
Mon 2:30pm Arthen, Gilman, Hunt


Fri 5:30pm Do We Need Science Fiction?
Fri 8:30pm 3D Printing—Where Does It Go From Here?
Sat 10:00am Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
Sat 10:00am Particle Fever
Sat 12:30pm Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes
Sat 4:00pm How To Do Cryptography
Sat 5:30pm How They Lie with Statistics
Sat 5:30pm Brain Chemistry, Personality, and the MBTI
Sat 7:00pm Science via Debate
Sat 7:00pm Science—Diversity Needed
Sat 8:30pm Alternative Energy
Sun 10:00am Climate Science 2015
Sun 11:00am NASA Documentary Films
Sun 11:30am The Science Babe’s Guide to BS Detection
Sun 1:00pm MIT at 150
Sun 2:30pm How We Learn
Sun 4:00pm The Year in Bad Science 2015
Sun 5:30pm Science Year in Review
Sun 7:00pm For Science!
Sun 8:30pm Transhumanism—The Sum of Our Parts
Mon 10:00am Eat Your Vegetables
Mon 11:30am Where the Hell is Everyone?
Mon 1:00pm Birding 101


Fri 8:30pm Hallucinating Shakespeare
Sat 10:00am Masquerade Rehearsal
Sat 4:30pm RKO Army Presents Firefly—Out of Gas
Sat 6:30pm Belly Dance Show
Sat 8:30pm Best of the Kirk Poland Bad Prose Competition
Sun 12:00am RKO Army Presents Serenity
Sun 2:00pm Masquerade Rehearsal
Sun 3:00pm Real: A One Act Play
Sun 3:30pm The Devil In The Details: A One Act Play
Sun 3:45pm The Corporate Bored: A One Act Play
Sun 7:00pm Masquerade Doors Open
Sun 8:00pm Masquerade
Mon 12:00am Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog
Mon 1:00am Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling


Fri 7:00pm The Care and Feeding of Secondary Characters
Fri 8:30pm Imagining an Anti-Oppressive SF/F Universe
Sat 10:00am Religions, Holidays, and Rituals in Your Fiction
Sat 1:00pm Avoiding Culturefail
Sat 2:30pm World Building 101
Sat 2:30pm The Ecology of Fantasy Worlds
Sat 4:00pm Genre Soup
Sat 5:30pm From First Draft to Second Draft
Sat 7:00pm Character Dynamics
Sun 10:00am The Many Paths to Perdition
Sun 11:30am Tales from the Slush Pile
Sun 1:00pm TV Writing: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror/Genre
Sun 2:30pm Story Autopsy
Sun 4:00pm Worldbuilding with the Soft Sciences
Sun 5:30pm The Medium and the Message
Sun 7:00pm Self-Publishing 101: Fiction, Non-Fiction & RPGs
Sun 7:00pm Authentic Voices: Dialogue and Dialect
Mon 10:00am Memorable Characters
Mon 11:30am Managing Backstory
Mon 11:30am Inspired By
Mon 1:00pm The Indie Ghetto
Mon 1:00pm Writing and Racial Identity