New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention
January 16-19, 2015

Programming and Events

The schedule can be found on the Publications page.

The schedules for Events (plays, masquerade, concerts, ...) in particular can be found here and here

This section will contain information on things happening at Arisia: events, panels, masquerade, guests of honor events, anime, films, video, dances, ArisiaTV and many other great things!

Now that we're close to the convention, we're no longer soliciting ideas,. but Arisia's brainstorm forums remain open year 'round. You can to submit ideas for future conventions whenever you like. If you have panel ideas that you would like to contribute, please consider doing so on our brainstoming forum. Full information about how to join the forum and of what form the brainstorm suggestions should be in can be found there. If you are interested but have any trouble signing up please contact

If you are interested in joining Arisia programming for 2016, please see our page on the subject.

If you are a professional author, artist, publisher or editor, we have further information available on our info for professionals page.

Arisia will have dance events in a dedicated dance space all con long! We hope to have a list of some of the dances we have planned on our dances web page soon.

Beyond the dances, and Guest of Honor events, there are lots of other performances going on at Arisia