New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention
January 16-19, 2015

LARPs at Arisia

You can sign up for these LARPs in advance with our online signup form.

For a draft of the LARP schedule, please see the Game Schedule.

Minds of Madness

Sci-Fi Nerf Blaster LARP. Original Ongoing story line from LARP Adventure Program.

Welcome to the world of the future. Deep space travel and extended life have been obtained but not without a price. Most of home planet has been destroyed by radiation storms from the unrecorded fall out. Resources have become an paramount. Material, information and data exchange control the worlds know to man and his new fellow off planet associates. The industries of Seaforge, Avalon and KrotoTech are playing upon the chessboard of a multiple star systems industry with planets as the pawns. Your adventure starts on at Rimor 1 the Galactic Aeronautics and Space Frontier training camp, where you are being trained for deep space research, exploration and adventure on off world planets.

Ages 18+ only. Costuming is sci-fi. Bring nerf blaster painted boffer; latex preferred.

Nexus Elements

Calling all adventurers! Come use powers of brawn, brain, and magic to settle the wilderness for great rewards!

The Developing town of Yestin has changed much over the last year. The new town guard has dramatically helped to decrease the number of hooligan's terrorizing the common farmers. They have suffered a zombie plague and anti-magic holes. The only question is, what will they face next? All adventures welcome to come help tame this still wild land!

Ages 18+ only. Players are encouraged to bring their own boffers as loaners are in short supply.

Terosis Larp

Heroes needed! Prevent civil war and save the realm with sword, wit and honor.

Heroes are needed to help prevent the internal conflict that is currently brewing and prevent it from becoming a full fledged civil war. Only with wit, swords, and honor can the kingdom be saved.

Ages 18+ only. If a player wishes to PC, they must make their own character, preferably before hand. If players have them, they should bring their own weapons as loners are finite. All rules information, including character creation, can be found on our website.

Ex Arcana: Legacy of the Broken Tower

As Victorian magic returns to a world full of cell phones and internet memes, refined Magisters and brash Guttersnipes work together to learn the secrets of the Arcane. Deep inside a distant Threshold, a group of Arcanum have discovered a terrible weapon lost since the 1800’s. WIll you bring it back safely, or will it fall into the wrong hands?

No age limit. Theater-style. Materials will be for sale on site.

Realms LARP: The Mountain Citadel

Realms LARP: Swordfights, traps, mysteries and escapes!

In this fantasy LARP scale the dizzying heights and face insidious foes holed up in an inaccessible mountain citadel. Swordfights, treasure, traps, mysteries and escapes are all part of the program!

No age limit, but minors will need to have a parent or guardian sign the waiver. One needs to be able to handle lightest touch simulated combat, instruction provided. Boffer weapons provided, but people are encouraged to bring their own as long as the weapons pass inspection to Realms standards. No weapons over 5 feet or bows.

Mind's Eye Society: Vampire: the Masquerade

Something has gone wrong in the city of Boston and threats from within and without confront the Kindred. Will you side with the status quo or rise up with these new unknown elements?

Come join us for a game of Vampire: The Masquerade! Something has gone terribly wrong within the city of Boston and threats confront the Kindred of the city both from within and without. Will you side with the court of status quo or rise up with these new unknown elements? These long winter nights are cold and full of horrors but if you can cut the right deal you just might find yourself holding the reins of real power.

Come and play an old game with all new rules and setting updated for the current day from By Night Studios! Pre-made character sheets are available at the door. Come and join us for a truly amazing experience!

Ages 18+ only. Pregenerated characters provided. Character creation available Friday night.