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January 16-19, 2015


Arisia Masquerade Highlights 1994-2000

Arisia's Masquerade goes back to the very beginning of the convention. This video below by Ray Swagerty will show you a little of the "greatest hits" of the early years of the Masquerade.

Thanks also to Laurel Hill for making us aware of this video


The Masquerade is a costume contest and display of creativity by your fellow convention members. Entrants may dress as anything interesting and fun so long as they can motor themselves across the stage and back. You'll find a variety of BEMs (Bug Eyed Monsters!), Transformers, faeries, royals, dragons, cosplayers (anime-inspired costumes), movie and TV characters, and just plain silly people in costume. This is a judged event and is a highlight of Arisia. If you're not competing, come cheer on your fellow fen.

Masquerade Ushers

4-6 hours only, Sunday night. Dress your best (but comfortable for walking), and assist people in finding seats at the Masquerade. Teens welcome in this position.

Masqerade Contestant Support

We call them the Den Moms and Dads , who ride herd on a group of 6-8 masquerade entrants (adult or child), keeping them calm, hydrated and helping with costume snafus. Help behind the scenes from 6pm Sunday night until the end of the Masquerade. Will NOT be able to watch the Masquerade in person.

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