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January 16-19, 2015


Help Wanted

If you are interested in helping with any of the positions on this page, email If you're interested in volunteering, but you don't have a specific position in mind, please fill out our Volunteer Signup Form

Open spaces in our Org Chart may also be open positions.

(newest job posting are listed at the top of the page)


Load Out Help Monday and Tuesday

Earn comp for Arisia 2015 without having to work during con! Help us get all our stuff back on a truck, and up into storage, starting Monday early afternoon. Want to get all your hours for a free membership and not miss any of the con? These hours all count double!

Load In Assistance

If you can lift a box, heavy or not so heavy, and have available cycles on Thursday, please consider helping out the Logistics Team during Load-In. Most of the heaviest stuff is on wheels, and many groups will be picking up their stuff, so it shouldn't be hard, but strength and stamina will be an asset. Want to see Freight Elevators, and Back Hallways? This is the job for you. Want to get all your hours for a free membership and not miss any of the con? These hours all count double!

Backup Truck Drivers

If you have experience driving a 24' Box Truck, and are available Wednesday,
Thursday, Monday and/or Tuesday, please forward along your contact
information in case any of our signed up drivers fall ill. Want to get all
your hours
for a free membership and not miss any of the con? These hours all count


We are looking for people to proofread material to be printed in the Pocket Program and Souvenir Book. If typos stand out for you like a sore thumb, we'd love to have your help.

This work will take place throughout the month of December.

Staff Den Packing Ninjas

At the end of Con, Staff Den will need some assistance in packing materials for storage, and keeping good inventory. This person should be skilled in one of two manners: good at playing tetris with items in bins OR good at carrying packed bins down to trucks. This is at the end of con, on Monday afternoon.

Staff Den Servers

We need several people to make a welcoming, comfortable place for staff at Staff Den. The responsibilities for this job will be distributed between the 2 - 4 people working a given shift, and may include keeping staff den tidy and stocked, brewing coffee, and making people welcome. Flexibility and a smile count more than cooking abilities for this role.

Staff Den Prep Assistants

The back of house staff must take a food safety class (online) prior to Arisia (unless they are already certified, due to work). If they have taken this course, they will be able to defrost and prepare food for the coming meals. They will heat the food for the current meal. They will work closely with the area heads for Staff Den, and should take direction well.

These people will be needed at every major meal time on all four days of con (Friday - Monday).

Staff Den Setup

On Thursday/Friday of Arisia, we need physically able people to assist in unloading the truck/cars of food, carting it up to Staff Den, and assisting in setting up staff den. They should take directions well.

Masquerade Ushers

4-6 hours only, Sunday night. Dress your best (but comfortable for walking), and assist people in finding seats at the Masquerade. Teens welcome in this position.


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