New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention
January 16-19, 2015


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Access Updates

Arisia has a number of things in place to support attendees with disabilities at the convention.

We will be marking the back of badges again this year for people who cannot stand for long periods of time who need to bypass lines, or for people who need seats at the front of large events, due to mobility, vision or hearing. See the information desk in the lobby. We will also have parking spaces for wheelchairs and scooters in all panel and event rooms.

We will once again have a quiet room, to rest and take respite from the noise and chaos of the convention, in room 401.

Extra Rooms at the Westin

The Westin has released extra rooms to us on a first-come basis.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations!

There will be a table with pronoun ribbons in the Concourse (downstairs from the lobby) to support respect and representation for our diverse attendees. People of any gender or presentation are welcome to wear them.

Mobile Schedule is Live

The mobile phone version of the Arisia 2015 schedule via KonOpas is now available at

This schedule is also excellent for desktops because it allows filtering, selecting sessions, and sharing those selections with your smart phone.

For more information about using KonOpas, please visit

Arisia Workshops

Arisia Programming is pleased to announce numerous workshops on a variety of subjects! Advance sign-up is necessary and space is limited.

The Program Nexus is located in the Executive Boardroom, which is at the far end of the Mezzanine (past Registration).

(Please note that materials fees should be brought to the workshop itself, and not to Program Nexus.)

Art and Maker

Hotel Cancellations

Have a hotel room but missing this year's Arisia? We'll miss seeing you this year, but want to make sure your room can go to another needy Arisian!

E-mail to cancel your hotel reservation. Doing this in advance of the cancellation deadline (72 hours prior to check in - Tuesday at 3pm for a Friday check-in) will avoid paying a late cancellation penalty with the hotel, in addition to freeing up a room for someone on the wait list.

Pre-Register for Arisia LARPs

If you're interested in playing in one of the many live-action roleplaying games, you can sign up using the ARISA LARP Player Signup Form at

Doing so will give the GMs a better idea of how many players they've got coming, and a chance to answer questions you might have.

This form will be open until Thursday, January 15th.

Public Transit Scheduling Note

The Silver Line (SL1) is running Late Night Service.

The last train to South Station on Friday and Saturday will be at 2:22 AM.

On Sunday, the last train will be at 1:10 AM

Maker Workshops

Arisia Programming is pleased to announce a full slate of Art and Maker workshops for 2015!

This year, we welcome the return of our popular chain mail workshops. Come learn the basics in Chainmail 101, or go to the next level with a Byzantine Weave. If you've got the basics covered, come learn how to make decorative chain flowers at the Make a Scale Flower class. Some of these classes will be offered more than once, so if you can't arrive early, you won't necessarily miss out!


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